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Massage Therapy

The ultimate rejuvenator for your body. Treat yourself.


Massage Therapy

Classic Massage | $39 (first visit only), $59 regular price (1 hour)
– 3 for $117
– 6 for $234

Deep Tissue Massage | $59 (1 hour)
One hour session, based on what your body needs using Swedish strokes and techniques, along with deep
tissue and neuromuscular therapy to release those deep knots.
Purchase 6 sessions and save $60.

Hot Stone Massage | $75 (1 hour)
With the use of water treated rocks, promote relaxation with this one hour hot stone massage.

Reflexology | $55 (1 hour)
One hour massage alleviates pain and releases toxins. Hands, feet, neck and shoulders.

Aromatherapy Massage | $69 (1 hour)
One hour aromatherapy session with the use of essential oils combined with massage cream. Personalize your experience.