Hair Replacement/Extensions

Cosmetic grafting for men and women experiencing hair loss. Prices are quoted by booked, private consultation.

Experiencing hair loss? We have solutions for Alopecia, hereditary, cancer, medically related, stress, female or male pattern thinning. Private rooms and private consultations. Qualified insurance providers are also accepted.


Hair Extensions and Replacements

All of our clients have special hair needs. Some have thinning hair, others have complete hair loss, and then others suffer from chemically damaged hair. All of these, including those that stem from medical conditions, can be easily remedied at Vernon Martin Salon & Spa. Our complete dedication to your personal hair loss will make you feel completely at ease. We offer professional and personal service and unique ideas combined with advanced technologies to give you the latest trend setting styles designed specifically for you.

The thought of losing your hair is stressful…

A natural appearance and hairstyle is an important part of your well-being and self esteem. We know from experience how stressful and disturbing hair loss can be. We’re specialists in the artful design of innovative solutions that alleviate your medical hair loss problems. Our hair alternatives are individualized to satisfy your specific needs and desires. Services are offered with compassion and integrity to ensure your confidence and trust.

We provide…

As we have done for so many of our clients, we can offer you affordable hair choices, knowledgeable caring support, and include a private phone consultation with a hair specialist at no obligation. We believe that it is best to explore you hair options while enhancing your appearance during this trying time.

Our solutions include…

We create prostheses and wigs that are individually designed and hand-crafted with a distinctive style all their own. They offer beauty, comfort and rich, natural color. Our designers select only the softest lightweight materials to ensure the ultimate in comfort and natural appearance. All our prostheses and wigs are made by hand with Syntress fibers or human hair strands to provide the bounce and appearance of your natural hair. You do not have to settle for machine stitched rows of synthetic nylon materials that irritate your scalp and cause discomfort. Nor should you be content with the “wiggy”, unflattering appearance that is often associated with stand wigs. The more natural you look, the better you will feel. Not only about your appearance, but yourself, too.

We suggest you get all the facts as soon as possible…

It’s wise to consult with a professional before losing your hair so that color, style and length can be determined. As well, if you’ve already made preparations for impending hair loss, you’ll be able to conceal it at a time of your choosing. In short, it’s never too early to contact us.

It goes without saying that an educated professional can best help you determine which course of action is ideal for you. As specialists who have served many individuals with medical hair loss such as yourself, we belive we are uniquely qualified to help you achieve optimal results.

Vernon Martin has over 30 years in the hair design business with a reputation throughout Florida for outstanding hair design and extensions. When your hair won’t grow to your desired length, try our hair extension program. Whether you need a new style, length, volume, or highlights, Vernon Martin can solve your hair needs.

Many non-surgical techniques are available for women experiencing hair loss or thinning and is proven to improve personal value, giving back the life women knew prior to their hair loss.

Call us today for a free and private consultation…

We will be happy to answer any questions you have over the phone and if you desire, arrange a free consultation with one of our hair specialists. Insurance coverage is available in most cases for medically induced hair loss. CALL US TODAY!


Hair Replacement

You can shave your head or wear a baseball cap, sure. But that’s not style. It’s a cover-up. And you’re not fooling anyone.

At Vernon Martin Salon & Spa you will find the utmost dedication to your individual needs whether it’s baldness to thinning hair. Our advanced technologies in hair loss solutions offer you the latest trend setting styles designed specifically for you. We offer a non-surgical treatment that has reached its non-detection limits and is invisible to the sight and touch. Non-surgical hair replacement creates a softer hairline so that your hair looks, feels and acts like naturally growing hair.

Vernon Martin’s philosophy is quite different than most hair designers and extension specialists in that he’s not in the business of “doing hair”, but rather the business of “changing lives”. Many of Vernon’s clients, which are valued friends, are especially attracted to his commitment of providing the best selection for a look that fits and is comfortable. Having male pattern baldness himself has given him a greater ability to understand the emotions that come from having hair challenges.

We offer professional and personal service, combined with advanced technologies to give you the latest trend setting styles!

Call today for a free and private consultation!